Stop obsessing over the result

We obsess over the wrong things. Like those green dots on Github that record the contributions you’ve made to open source projects. I had become obsessed with these dots. So obsessed that I began to forget why I wanted to code every day in the first place, to become a more active contributor to open source projects, help others and improve my development skills.

Thankfully I had my brother to remind me with some words of wisdom and, as always, an encouraging story to go along with it. In this case, a lesson we can learn from the mistakes of Arsenal footballer Aaron Ramsey.

Like so many of us, Ramsey was obsessed with goals. His manager, Arsene Wenger, had this to say: “A midfielder is a player who defends well, attacks well and keeps his priorities right. He’s not a goalscorer, so he has not to be obsessed by that. I just want him to do his job well.”

“The goals are the consequence of the quality of his game.”— Arsène Wenger.

The lesson, don’t obsess over the results instead focus on a quality contribution and positive results will eventually come as a consequence.

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